How much wax is in each candle?
Each candle is filled with as much wax as possible. Check our GALLERY LINK we never skimp!

What are the candles burn time?
Due to the customization of each candle we use a general rule of thumb: Soy wax has a burn time of 7-9 hours per ounce of wax and all of our candles have a minimum of 16 ozs. Which gives a burn time of approximately 100 hours plus for our smallest candles.

What if I want a bottle that is not listed on the website?
Email us through our contact form here and let us know what you are looking for. We have over 40 recycling partners so we are constantly collecting new bottles.

Can I send in a bottle of my own to be made into a candle?
Yes. Please email a picture of your bottle and size for a price quote using our contact form here. Please note: We do not make any guarantees on your bottle not breaking during the cutting and buffing process. Remember these are spirit bottles NOT candle jars. We have cut thousands of bottles and every now and then we do have breaks. In the event of your bottle breaking, we will provide you a list of bottles that are available for you to choose as a replacement.

Can my candle be returned?
No. Each candle is made for custom order. No two bottles and labels we cut and sand will look the exact same. Each of our recycled bottles and labels are unique and show different signs of wear and tear, as they have all traveled a different journey to make it to us.